TGIF (2014)

this moon is my most famous and widely spread drawing. i also based my silver “tide” pendant on it. there’s an animated gif version on tumblr with 150k + reblogs plus it’s all over pinterest, weheartit and of course instagram. uncredited. i don’t like that but it’s just how the world works and i get it, people use it for their private inspiration and mood. i’d rather it was credited to me but it’s not such a big deal. what gets to me is when companies with a large following post my work without credit — like @skinnybitchapparel . (thank you @ostaracordula for the heads up). skinnybitchapparel is an online vendor of clothing that is NOT handmade, NOT organic or recycled like my work. i’m a hard working person but i don’t make a lot of money so i’d very much prefer if fast fashion companies didn’t profit off of my creativity. sorry to interrupt your feed with this rant — i don’t do this kind of thing often but please, continue to support ethical handmade fashion and buy thrifted/vintage. and credit artists whenever you can. over and out! 
ps. if you wanna help, repost this moon and tag @naominowak and #naominowak so more people know who made it! i’d appreciate it a ton. xo
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"Forest Magic,"
by Paul Deane
July 2014
Columbia River Gorge, OR

Copyright © 2014, Cheshire Scott, All Rights Reserved
Maine Coast - Model anonymous 
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