Another beautiful piece I got from my dear Rebekka.   Check out her Etsy shop!


If any of you would like to purchase a custom order for mother’s day from my shop, now would be the time to get it started! That way if you’d like a stone that I don’t have immediately available, I have time to get it for you. I will also be doing a huge shop update for Mother’s Day and I will probably have a coupon code for you tumblr folk. (This will happen probably in the beginning of May.)

If you have any questions, please let me know! I ship internationally. 


Beautiful wisteria!

Barred Owl  by Mike Baker

Académie (Paris, 2011) Photo E de’ Pazzi ©


© 2014 Bruno-Max Photography, all rights reserved 

Tired of Being Alone (2014)
I got blamed for planting an earworm yesterday, not that I regret it. Replacement is one solution - try Al Green with Chicago’s triumphant horns as a cure.